Toubkal Treks is a wide variety of treks around High Atlas Berber Village and to the summit of Mount Toubkal.

The Toubkal region is full of wonder when talking about heights in Morocco’s It contains the highest peaks in Northern Africa.

The Toubkal massif. is located in the western part of the High Atlas and is one of the best sites in the world to go trek.

It features a massive ancient rock overlooking the Al Haouz plain in the north and the Mountains Siroua and the Anti-Atlas to the south.

This area is the most frequently visit in the High Atlas for a good reason; it connects people with nature in the most engaging way It is only 1 hour away from Marrakech, making it close to everyday life if you need a quick break.

It takes just a couple of days to explore the Toubkal summit of 4,167 meters. From the peak, you can see the outlay of the Atlas Mountain and how they seem to form a spine across Morocco’s, thereby dividing the Atlantic coast and the Sahara desert.

Mount Toubkal Trek
Groupe privé
3 Days 1-12 People
Mount Toubkal Trek
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Two Triumphant climbers at the summit of Mount Toubkal
Groupe privé
4 Days 1-12 People
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Toubkal Circuit Treks
Groupe privé
Mount Toubkal Treks
2 Days 1-12 People
Mount Toubkal Treks
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